Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees of England and Wales
and its Districts and Councils Overseas

District of Severn

Conditions for Joining


Every Candidate for admission to the Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees must be a Mark Master Master and a Companion of the Holy Royal Arch. In former times the qualification was Mark Master Mason for all the Degrees, but the additional qualification of Holy Royal Arch was required for the Red Cross of Babylon and the Grand High Priest and, for the latter until 1940, an Installed Principal. It was however thought illogical to allow a Mark Master Mason to take three Degrees and then insist on his being a Royal Arch Mason in order take the two remaining Degrees, which are necessary to qualify for the office of Warden. Accordingly in 1958 the Constitutions were amended to require a candidate for each of the Degrees to be a Royal Arch Mason well as a Mark Master Mason.
A Candidate must be admitted first to the Degree of S Lawrence the Martyr; the other four Degrees may be conferred on him subsequently in any order.

Candidates for admission to the order must be subscribing members of a Craft lodge, a Holy Royal Arch Chapter and a Mark Master Masons lodge.


Although complicated and colourful regalia was at one time prescribed for each of the five Degrees, members of the Order (other than Officers) are now required to wear only the breast jewels of the several Degrees to which they have been admitted. These are described in the Introduction to each Degree, and are usually worn in miniature form and mounted on a bar.

Or a single Jewel in the form of a pentagon, incorporating the motifs of all the Degrees of the Order, suspended from a plain ribbon of thistle green 1 1/4 inches wide may be worn on the left breast after having been admitted to all five degrees.

For further information about joining contact the District Grand Secretary,
A J Strachan, 1 Cornelius Close, South Cornelly, Bridgend CF33 4RQ email
or any of the individual Council Secretaries, whose emails are listed under that Councils information