Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees of England and Wales

District of Severn

Knight of Constantinople

This is a real "side" Degree, in the sense that, many years ago, it was customary for one Brother to confer it on another: he would, for example, take him aside at the end of a Lodge meeting, administer a simple obligation and entrust him with the secrets. The origin of the Degree is not known, but from the strong flavour of Operative influence in the ritual it may be conjectured that it arose during the transition from Operative to Speculative Masonry. It is known that it was being worked in America in 1831 and may have been taken there by a military Lodge.

The Degree inculcates the useful lessons of humility and universal. equality.

The scene of the Ceremony is the courtyard of the palace of the Emperor Constantine the Great in Constantinople during the fourth century A.D.
A Candidate in this Degree is said to be "Admitted".

The regalia traditionally worn in this Degree consists of a Jewel in the form of a cross patee surmounted by a crescent, both in gold, suspended from a green ribbon on which are three poignards in gold pointing downwards.