Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees of England and Wales
and its Districts and Councils Overseas

District of Severn

Principlaity Council No 53

List of Officers

Appointed 05/11/2016

Worshipful Master JD Williams
Senior Warden JC Welsch
Junior Warden GD EVans
Chaplain MJ Stayt
Treasurer EG Bolton
Secretary HL John
Director of Ceremonies J Beddoe
Almoner MJ Kidd
Senior Deacon A Thomas
Junior Deacon MJ Lewis
Assistant Director of Ceremonies AR Thomas
Assistant Secretary GJ Jones
Organist AF Moore MBE
Inner Guard W Cowley
Steward AR Hubert
Rev EF Dowland-Owen
SWJ Clarke
WP Ellis
Tyler DG Gait

Subscribing Past Masters of the Council
1992 D Barnett PGReg 2008 RJ Tanswell PDistGSwdB
1994 PG David, PGIG 2009 S Cocco DistGStB
1998 WB Warlow PGStB 2010 JK Mathias DistGSD
2000 AF Moore MBE, PGStB 2011 AR Thomas PGStB DistGSec
2002 J Beddoe PGSD 2012 EG Bolton DistGSwdB
2005 DG Powell PGJD 2013 DG Gait DistGSwdB
2007 L Preece, PGStB 2014 MMM Simons DistGTyler
Subscribing Past Masters in the Council
MJ Stayt PAGDC DistGSW GD Evans PDistGSD