Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees of England and Wales
and its Districts and Councils Overseas

District of Severn

Morison Meridian Council No 196

List of Officers

Appointed 16/06/2016

Worshipful Master Georgre A Clitherow
Senior Warden Fredrick S Parsons
Junior Warden Hon B Muskett
Chaplain Sydney L Brailey, PGStdB,<
Treasurer David Hartley, PGSD
Secretary George R Paskins, DGJW
Director of Ceremonies C Tony M Gover, PGIG
Senior Deacon John AA Adams
Junior Deacon E Michael Jakins
Assistant Director of Ceremonies MD Tony Carter, PGStdB,
Assistant Secretary Dennis R Hammond, PDGStwd
Organist -
Inner Guard David C Mander
Steward -
Tyler -

Subscribing Past Masters of the Council
2005 John Massey, PGJW, PDepDGPref 2012 George R Paskins, DGJW
2006 Lindsey Preece, PGStdB 2013 D Tony Carter, PGStdB
2008 John L Howlett, PDGJD 2014 Revd Stephen A Hawkins, DGChap
2011 Tony M Gover, PGIG 2015 Michael P Burridge
Subscribing Past Masters in the Council
1995 (55) Ian P Cox, PGJD 2006 (55) Sydney L Brailey, PGStdB
1996 (55) John Massey, PGJW, PDepDGPref 2007 (104) John L Howlett, PDGJD
2001, 2007 (55) D Tony Carter, PGStdB 2009 (104) David Hartley, PGSD
2005 (55) Walter Wood, PGIG (H)