Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees of England and Wales
and its Districts and Councils Overseas

District of Severn

St Paul Council No 12

List of Officers

Appointed 03/09/2015

Worshipful Master Tony M Gover
Senior Warden Michael W E Farrow
Junior Warden Dennis R Hammond
Chaplain John Massey, PGJW, PDepDGPref
Treasurer Colin Lowther
Secretary Nigel F Bevan
Director of Ceremonies Peter R Thomas
Almoner Michael Hopkins
Senior Deacon Paul Cooper
Junior Deacon Alan L Thompson
Assistant Director of Ceremonies Revd Stephen A Hawkins
Assistant Secretary Julian A N Frost
Inner Guard Terry G Rhys-Davies
Steward Norman T S Weeks
Steward Graham C Pegg
Tyler R Ian Beese

Subscribing Past Masters of the Council
2012 John D A Platts 2014 Colin Lowther
2013 D Tony Carter, PGStdB
Subscribing Past Masters in the Council
1996 (55), 2005 (196) John Massey, PGJW, PDepDGPref 2010 (55) Colin Lowther, PDGStwd
2008 (55) Peter Thomas, PDGJD 2007, 2012 (55) 2013 (196) D Tony Carter, PGStdB